The Queue

Welcome to the part of my blog, known as “The Queue”.  We don’t know if the ponies below will be official releases or not, so for now, they will hang out here.  Will these ponies be official or not? Only time will tell.

(under construction)

Translucent Fluttershy:

Translucent Rarity:

Translucent Applejack with Glitter:

Translucent Pinkie Pie with glitter:

*photo courtesy of SoSilver

Translucent Rainbow Dash:

CONFIRMED FOR RELEASE: Fluttershy with tinsel, gem-like eye shines:

White Celestia with gem-like eye shines:

Cadence with gem-like eye shines:

Luna with gem-like eye shines:

Twilight with gem-like eye shines:

Ploomette with gem-like eye shines:

Rainbow Dash with gem-like eye shines:

Blue Tinsel Rainbow Dash:

*Picture courtesy of SoSilver

Tinsel Pinkie Pie with gem-like eye shines:

Rarity with gem-like eye shines:

Magenta Tinsel Applejack:

Purple Tinsel Applejack:

Black Tinsel Applejack:

Teal Tinsel Applejack:

Brown Tinsel Applejack:

Orange Tinsel Applejack:

Pale Pink Tinsel Applejack:

Red Tinsel Applejack:

Gold Tinsel Applejack:

Gold Tinsel Applejack with gem shaped eyes:

Pose-able Applejack:

Pose-able Twilight:

Pose-able Rainbow Dash:

White Celestia:

Here are some of the newest blind bags (wave 6) pictured with cards:


Glimmer Wings have many different wing types, here are all wing types below.  Are there going to be a few new Glimmer Wings in the future, or are some of these prototypes or errors?




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  1. Brony
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 14:51:12

    CIDERCIDERCIDERCIDER we need prototype flimflam


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