White Plumsweet


Plumsweet has been spotted with entirely white hair. She appears to have Pinkie Pie or Diamond Rose’s eyes.


Red Rarity

This variant of Rarity has the red haired head that has been spotted on Glimmer Wings, and Snow Catcher’s tail.

Unfinished Pinkie Pie


This version of Pinkie Pie has no cutie mark.

Rarity Belle


Rarity’s body has been seen once again with Sweetie Belle’s head.

Hybrid Daisy Dreams

This version of Daisy Dreams has the body of the new North American version of Daisy Dreams with the scooter, and the head of the Daisy Dreams Glimmer Wings version, or the European version without bangs.

Unfinished Twinkleshine


This version of Twinkleshine appears to be unfinished, as her cutie mark should be on the side that is displayed.

Pinkie Shy


This pony has Pinkie Pie’s body and Fluttershy head mold. No pony has been released with a pink Fluttershy head mold.

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