Purple Winged Diamond Rose


This Diamond Rose has wings made of purple opaque plastic, rather than yellow translucent wings. These purple wings have never been seen on any Glimmer Wings to date.


Light Tail Diamond Rose

Diamond Rose has been spotted on Taobao with a pale pink tail, and possibly no cutie mark. More info to come.


Gold Glitter Diamond Rose

This version of Diamond Rose has gold glitter wings that have not been seen on other Glimmer Wings, along with a red mane and tail.

Unfinished Pose-able RD

A new Rainbow Dash that appears to have an internal mechanism has appeared. She is unfinished and is missing paint.

Flutter Rose


Mane – Red, same as Applebloom

Tail – Red, same as Applebloom

Pose – Raised-hoof

Body Colour – yellow, matches Fluttershy, and white (matches Diamond Rose)

Head Type – Pinkie Pie

Foot Numbers – 13341

Eyes – blue, matches Diamond Rose

Cutie mark – butterflies, matches Fluttershy


This glimmer wings pony is a fusion of Fluttershy and Diamond Rose.  In addition to the Diamond Rose and Fluttershy parts, she also has a red mane and tail, which are different than the regular Diamond Rose glimmer wings release.  She appears to be created from leftover parts.

Derpy Version 2

Picture courtesy of SoSilver, of MLPArena. Thanks SoSilver!

This Pony is identical to the regular release of Derpy/Ditzy Doo, except for her Cutie Mark.  This version has darker blue bubbles, rather than the lighter bubbles.

Derpy Version 1

Picture courtesy of SoSilver on MLPArena. Thanks SoSilver!


This is the original version of Derpy/Ditzy Doo that was leaked through Taobao. In comparison to the current version, she has two-toned hair, and larger eyes.

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