Original Cadance


This is the original design of Princess Cadance. This picture was shown at the MLP Fair 2012 by Hasbro. Thanks to Rhini for getting pictures of Hasbro’s informational boards.


Gradient Cadance

This is the original photo of Cadance released via the official MLP Facebook group. Cadance originally had pink wings that were painted purple at the tips.

No Glitter Cadance

Cadance has been spotted unfinished, and without glitter on her wings and horn.

Nightmare Moon, no glitter


This unfinished version of Nightmare moon is missing the glitter that will be on its cutie mark for the official release.


Unfinished Nightmare Moon

This was the first version of Nightmare Moon found. She appears to be an unfinished, possibly reject pony.  The regular release of Nightmare Moon has a straighter horn and a body with painted accents.



Mane – Light purple, and dark purple (matches Rarity)

Tail – Light purple and dark purple (matches Rarity)

Pose – Standing

Body Colour – White

Head – Matches Rarity

Wings – No match, no current products have white wings

Foot Numbers – 12901

Eyes – Match Rarity

Cutie Mark – Matches Celestia

Background Information:

This pony is another combination of Princess Celestia and Rarity. Since white fashion style-size wings have not showed up in official products yet  (and we have also seen full, white Celestias), it is believed that a Fashion Style White Celestia will be released soon.

Alicorn Flitterheart


Mane – Blue, matches light blue on Flitterheart

Tail – Light blue, blue/purple, matches Flitterheart’s tail

Pose – Standing

Body Colour – Purple, same as Flitterheart

Head Type – Twilight

Eyes – Purple, same as Twilight

Cutie Mark – Hearts, same as Flitterheart

Foot Numbers – 11581


Background Information:

This pony has a unique head and eye combination. Also, no ponies to date have an all-blue mane like this.

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