Purple Winged Diamond Rose


This Diamond Rose has wings made of purple opaque plastic, rather than yellow translucent wings. These purple wings have never been seen on any Glimmer Wings to date.


Shining Armor hair test 3


This is the Shining Armor hair test that likely prompted the decision to go with “troll hair” for Shining Armor.

Shining Armor hair test 2


Here, Shining Armor was fitted with some more woolly looking hair.

Shining Armor hair test 1


This was a hair test shown by Hasbro at the MLP Fair 2012. Here, Shining Armor is sporting Nylon hair, like most other ponies have.

Original Shining Armor

This is a picture of the original design for Shining Armor. He has switched colours completely, except for his symbol, which looks to be similar.

Original Cadance


This is the original design of Princess Cadance. This picture was shown at the MLP Fair 2012 by Hasbro. Thanks to Rhini for getting pictures of Hasbro’s informational boards.

Gradient Cadance

This is the original photo of Cadance released via the official MLP Facebook group. Cadance originally had pink wings that were painted purple at the tips.

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