Earth Flitterheart 3


This third version of earth Flitterheart has a blue tail that appears to be similar to all of the un-named blue unicorns. More info to come.


Unfinished Trixie

Trixie has been spotted on Taobao, without bottom eyelashes. This could be an unfinished version or error pony. More info to come.


Blue Tail Snowdrop Dazzle


This pony, spotted on Taobao is a combination Dewdrop Dazzle, Snowcatcher, and has either Rainbow Dash’s or possibly Flitterheart’s tail. More info to come.

Blue Tail Nodding Twilight


This “nodding” Twilight Sparkle appears to have Flitterheart’s tail, which seems to be a common feature of the theorized “spare parts ponies”. Tail colour will be confirmed when the final product appears for sale.

Light Tail Diamond Rose

Diamond Rose has been spotted on Taobao with a pale pink tail, and possibly no cutie mark. More info to come.


Gold Glitter Diamond Rose

This version of Diamond Rose has gold glitter wings that have not been seen on other Glimmer Wings, along with a red mane and tail.

No Glitter Cadance

Cadance has been spotted unfinished, and without glitter on her wings and horn.

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