Trixie Shy

This variant of Trixie is unique because she is in the walking pose, has Fluttershy’s cutie mark, and Rarity’s eyes. More info to come.


Lyra Rays


This version of Lyra is unique because she is in the walking pose, has a cutie mark identical to Sunny Rays, and appears to have Twilight Sparkle’s eyes. More info to come.

Pinkie Berry

This version of Cherry Berry has an incorrect cutie mark.  The cutie mark belongs to Pinkie Pie. She is in the walking pose. More info to come.

Twilight Rose

This earth pony appears to be the same as the other earth pony Diamond Rose variant, except for the tail. This pony’s tail appears to be from Twilight Sparkle, rather than from Starswirl.  More info to come.


G3 Pinkie

This version of G3 styling Pinkie Pie appears to have tests stamps of eyes and cutie marks on her.  The eye marks are from the 2011 Comic Con pony, and the cutie mark is a non-metallic version of Princess Celestia’s sun cutie mark. The centre circle on the sun is yellow, while the outer rays are green.

Flutter Rose


Mane – Red, same as Applebloom

Tail – Red, same as Applebloom

Pose – Raised-hoof

Body Colour – yellow, matches Fluttershy, and white (matches Diamond Rose)

Head Type – Pinkie Pie

Foot Numbers – 13341

Eyes – blue, matches Diamond Rose

Cutie mark – butterflies, matches Fluttershy


This glimmer wings pony is a fusion of Fluttershy and Diamond Rose.  In addition to the Diamond Rose and Fluttershy parts, she also has a red mane and tail, which are different than the regular Diamond Rose glimmer wings release.  She appears to be created from leftover parts.

Unfinished Lemon Hearts/Treats

This first version of Lemon Hearts/Treats that will be coming out in the Toys R Us collectors set appeared unfinished and without a cutie mark at first. The final version has three blue gems as a cutie mark.

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